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  1. An OPEN-HOLED flute (In-Line G or Offset-G)
  2. Average –to-Fast  Internet Connection (for downloading 1.2GB of HD data)
  3. Quicktime 7 Video Player (click here to download free for Mac or PC) 

This is a bundled, digital product available  as a download only*. Contents include:

  1. Read Me (“How To Use This Tutorial”) & Music (.pdf files)
  2. Video Lesson 1: Left-Hand Starting Position (.mov/14:06/184MB)
  3. Video Lesson 2: Adding the Right Hand (.mov/13:00/150MB)
  4. Video Lesson 3: Learning the Melody mm5-10 (.mov/17:22/158MB)
  5. Video Lesson 4: Continuing mm12-33 (.mov/17:04/178MB)
  6. Video Lesson 5: Continuing mm34 to the end (.mov/13:00/161MB)
  7. Video Lesson 6: Putting It All Together (.mov/12:20/94MB)
  8. Fretless Flute Song: Full Audio Track  (.wav/4:38/47MB)
  9. Fretless Flute Song: Accompaniment Track Only (.wav/4:38/47MB)
  10. Fretless Flute Song: Piano Track Only (.wav/4:38/47MB)
  11. Fretless Flute Song: Video (as seen on YouTube – but with Great sound!!) (.mov/4:48/128MB)

All files should be downloaded  separately,  one after another and in numerical order.

*DVD’s may be offered at a later date with sufficient demand.